19 Best Things to Do in Irving

Vacation Ideas

“Salad is salad, right? Not if you make an effort to come up with something truly special. Bread Zeppelin elevated the classic salad bar to new heights with their 40 salad ingredients, 20 dressings, and the Zeppelin: a fresh baked artisan baguette from the local Empire Bakery.”

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Bread Zeppelin Does Unthinkable Things to Baguet…

Dallas Observer

“And I’m not the only one that’s taken a shine to the place. That line to the door stayed that way during my entire meal, sometimes extending just outside of it. Bread Zeppelin is drawing a loyal following…”

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Restaurant Review: Bread Zeppelin In Irving

Fort Worth Star Telegram

“It has taken your basic food category of salad and placed it inside an edible wrapper that’s both unpredictable and unexpectedly good: a hollowed-out baguette. It’s like an upgrade of a wrap sandwich, with bread replacing the tortilla. If you like crisp, hot French bread with your salad, this is your place.”

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Bread Zeppelin elevates innovation

Nations Restaurant News

“Plenty of room for innovation remains in the restaurant industry, and the folks at Bread Zeppelin in Irving, Texas, are proving that point.”

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